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  • City Lights – Just Before

    City Lights – Just Before

    Just minutes before 2012 you can download three free City Lights productions. We want to encourage everybody to make music, so please do yourself a favor and make a track on one (or more) of the productions. Let us hear what you made, send us an e-mail info@e-villestudios.com with the link and/or mp3. Have fun next year! The City Lights promotional team You can still check out instrumental album ‘Winter All Year’: http://prodbycitylights.com Spotify : http://open.spotify.com/album/0wwZj6sxmDeoPG6WocIAP5 Itunes (for the die-hard […]

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  • Man Bijt Hond Item (SEE)

    Haha, Man Bijt hond was op bezoek bij E-Ville Media Studio 01. Toevallig zat daar onze Bobby Bastard, met zijn trouwe rechterhand VluggeJapie. Kijk, geniet en lach!

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