“Winter All Year”, the first solo album by producer City Lights, is available for free download in MP3 format as of now.

City Lights is a 19 year old producer of dreamy instrumental Hip-Hop music. The inspiration for his debut album came from his favorite season of the year: winter. By no means this implies the music on the CD sounds cold and empty. On the contrary; City Lights’ goal while creating “Winter All Year” was to showcase as many of his musical facets as possible.

The result is a diverse, 10-tracks counting album, on which the listener is taken on a melodic trip through the mind of City Lights. From eerie synths that seem to cut through your eardrum back into a warm bath of sweet melodies. All facets of City Lights’ vision of music are represented, and of course supported by his trademark drums and bouncy bass lines.
On “Winter All Year” the Dutch producer was assisted by the experienced musicians Darin Guermonprez (known for his work with D.A.C.) and Bobby Littlejohn (E-Ville Media). “Winter All Year” marks the start of City Lights’ musical career and gives a good impression of what, as far as he’s concerned, he will be making for the rest of his life: atmospherical soundscapes, combined with raw and aggressive elements.

“Winter All Year” is available for free download now on his new website:

04. City Lights – Hot Choco by ProdbyCityLights

The full tracklisting for “Winter All Year”:

01. The Killing Cold
02. Fat Loud
03. FAR
04. Hot Choco
05. Open the Doors
06. Friends
07. M1
08. Magic in the Nights
09. Swining
10. Conclusions

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